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Colorado Flow Hive Owners

I am looking to connect with Flow Hive owners in Colorado.


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Hi Bill,
I’m a new beekeeper using the Flow Hive 2. Would like to connect and hear how you experience has been thus far. I got my Italians on May 9 and activity has been strong. 6 frames are drawn out, 7th frame is 25% drawn and one is completely empty. I have some cross combing but I’m working on correcting it. I’ll probably put on the super in a week or so. I’m wondering if I should put on another brood box or just the super.

Anyway, hope to hear from you.

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I put the super on this last weekend since all the frames were filled out 90% or more.
I would wait until all your frames are filed before adding another brood or super to the equation.
Let me know if I can help with any questions.
Where are you located in Colorado?


I just checked the brood box and frame 2 is 40% filled out and frame 1 is still empty. Probably 2 more weeks before I put on the super. I’ve got two frames stuck together w/ cross comb but other than that, the colony looks strong so far. I tried to carefully separate but there was larvae in the cells so I pushed the frames back together. Is this your first flow hive? I’m in Denver.

Yes this is my first Flow Hive
I live in Fort Collins.

Let me know how the hive progresses throughout the summer.


Hi there,
Wondering if you’re putting a second deep or medium? The super will probably go on this week but would consider another box as the colony seems strong. Would hate for them to swarm!
Thank you, Bill!

Hello, I have been thinking of getting a flowhive. I am new to bee keeping and can use some advice from Colorado locals. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread but any consideration in picking site? How do you protect the hives from our wicked wind?

Make sure to have them out of direct wind
by means of a building or natural wind block.
If you have other questions let us know.

I am just using one brood box along with my super.

Does anyone here live in boulder county and willing to be my in person mentor? I talked to a friend who keeps bees in other state and she said that a lot of beekeepers do not like flow hive. I talked to one local beekeeper and was steered away from flowhive. I have my mind set on flowhive. But I need help because I am
new and a local support who is not against flowhive would be nice.

I would be happy to help you. I live in Fort Collins and can answer your questions or provide assistance.

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Hello Noo2bee,
Yes, the wind is crazy sometimes. My hive is luckily in an area where it’s protected on one side by a wooden fence and the other by the garage. I am a new beekeeper and the hive was a gift. I don’t have any complaints now but I like that bees aren’t hurt in the harvesting process. Some beekeepers located in very cold climates don’t think the flow hive is beneficial to them but I can’t articulate it well enough being so new. Check out youtube…there’s a lot of videos to watch before you make the investment. My super goes on in the next few days; I’m hoping for an active couple of months. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the offer. I will take you up on it.

Hi! I am also in CO, Wheat Ridge, and have an original Flow Hive. Just put up a second brood box as all frames but one were drawn. Nice to e-meet you all!


Why did you put another brood on before you put on the super.

My friend that also has bees suggested it so they have more drawn frames before the winter. Not putting the supper up this year, was not planning on harvesting in 2020.

Was that a bad idea?


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No, it was perfect for your climate. :wink:

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New to beekeeping and just ordered a Flow Hive 2. Starting next spring in Littleton, CO. Is it best to add a second brood box first year or can you use one and after your super goes on just leave it over winter for their food source. What are Colorado flow hive folks doing?

Hi there, total newbee here as well, still considering my options but will probably get the Flow bundle with the Classic 7. I’m also curious to see if others are doing two brood boxes, I keep hearing that a lot of people in colder climates do that. Anyone here?

Also anyone in the Denver area with a hive set up that I could come take a look at? Thanks!