Colour of queens?

31 days post cutout of a strong feral colony where I accidently killed the queen I saw a slim black queen wandering around on the front of the hive and then going back inside. I presume this is a queen the colony has raised and she was doing her orientation. Do queen bees change colour? Does a black queen mean that they might become more aggressive?

Never really noticed a connection between colour and agression.


The only traits that seem to be tied to dark colored bees are frugalness and good overwintering. Dark bees or “yellow” bees can both be quite gentle or quite ferocious…

Hi Gill, I agree with @Michael_Bush & @Rmcpb, the color of the queen is immaterial, you’ll need to wait a couple of weeks to see if she successfully mates & then a few more weeks to see what the temperament of her progeny is like. Lets hope her progeny ticks all the right boxes.