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Combining Nuc with Extant


In an effort to bolster what I think is a weak hive (my first and only), I’m planning to combine it with a nuc this coming week (using newspaper method).

Should the box with the nuc’s frames go on the top or on the bottom?

Thank you.


G’day J, it doesn’t really matter, under or over. Just do it during a honey flow or good weather. I came unstuck once by doing it while the weather wasn’t all that flash & all the bees did was unite, fighting. They didn’t chew all the newspaper out which left a lot of dead bees above the newspaper. That gave the SHB somewhere to lay eggs in all the dead bees. That was quite a few years ago, I don’t remember if I caught it in time or the hive got slymed out. Anyway it was a lesson learnt.

Good luck with that, cheers