Ok to use capped honey with nuc?

I lost a hive last year but have a deep box that is basically full of honey from that lost hive.

I’m getting a nuc soon and want to get a hive prepped for it.

I was planning on using old frames with empty drawn comb in the bottom deep box, next to the frames from the nuc and have the top deep box with the frames full of honey.

I figured the bees can make brood in the bottom, have winter stores in the top so they have a huge head start.

Is this a good plan?

Hi Fred, sorry to hear your bees didn’t make it. Any idea why?

As long as you don’t suspect a disease like AFB, you can freeze those old frames overnight to kill off pest eggs and reuse them. Start with just filling out the rest of your single brood box so they don’t have too much space to defend at first. After they’ve built up to 80% full of bees, brood and honey you can put the next brood box on with the rest of your old frames plus new ones.

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Thanks for the guidance.

I had posted an earlier thread about the cause of death and the prevailing opinion was verroa mites.