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Commercial Mosquito Treatments and the affect on Honey Bees


I have recently purchased the flow hive and wish to set it up with bees in 2017. I have seen the problems that commercial mosquito spraying is having on the honey bee population and for that matter other beneficial bugs.

Is there anything I can do to protect my upcoming investment? Will the bees possibly survive if outside a certain range?


If the area they forage, up to 2 miles if necessary, is sprayed the bees might well be poisoned. Do you get notice of when and where is sprayed?


Recently saw FB post of dead hive in one of the Carolinas due to citywide spray over zika fear!


Article here


There are several homes in our neighborhood who have contracted this past summer with a commercial service. I’m not sure when or how often they spray. I have put a question out to the person who organized homes to join in.


Most cities in the US require beekeepers to register their hives. If you do that, in return the City will let you know when they are spraying near your hives. You then have the option of blocking the entrance and keeping your bees inside for 24 hours or so to let the insecticide dissipate as much as possible.


Private spraying is always a worry … And I hoping the local Govt will do what they say. It’s sad to see when things go bad like millions of dead bees. But I will keep on keeping on ! Gerald !


If it were the city this would be easier to deal with. It is commercial mosquito spraying hired by homeowners in our neighborhood. I see where one service has organic spraying. Would this hurt the bees?


They spray to kill insects, which includes bees. I would be worried.