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Community Garden Camperdown NSW - Open Hive?

Hi everyone, there is a community garden in Newtown/Camperdown area (NSW) which has 3 standard langstroth hives which appear to be doing quite well.

However, there is one additional setup which appears as though it may be intentionally left open to the elements. At first I thought it was damaged, but the beekeeper has visited recently and it’s still there and braced with bricks.

Is this some sort of hive type I’m not familiar with? And if not, could it cause problems for other hives in the area?

It could be a biosecurity risk if it doesn’t have removable frames that can be inspected. Maybe the community garden needs to do a fundraiser for a couple of new bee boxes?

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Grass and gardens cleared this morning by council so I got right in to have a look today and coincidentally met with one of the owners of the other hives. It’s just a nuc hive covered in 10 layers of corflute then braced with bricks… To insulate against the heat.

Sorry, false alarm.


Glad you got your answer, I couldn’t tell what that was from your video and photos. :confused: At least he’s trying to insulate I guess.

mmm, its odd. he’s apparently drilled a hole in the bottom of the NUC box and married that up to a hole in the top of the standard brood box below it…

Seems to be working i guess…