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Complete hive for colder climates


Most beekeepers in the USA utilize two deep brood boxes for winter. Your complete set only offers one deep brood chamber. That would mean death to the colony when it comes to winters. We need two deep brood boxes for them to survive. Is it possible to upgrade to a complete deluxe version for winter? That way all the components match up.


Bee Thinking is making the boxes for the cedar hives. You can order components from them directly if you want additional boxes.

Also the USA is a pretty big place so saying here in the US we use 2 boxes is kind of misleading. You might want to specify which area of the US you are talking about. Here in AZ our winters are very mild and I can’t see the need to use more then 1 box to get through our winter. However somewhere where it snows or has an extremely long cold season you are correct.


I did say most, because I realize that areas way south have a mild winter. Are those the same boxes? I like to have the handles and joints look identical.


From the best I can tell from seeing others pictures and the pictures on Bee Thinkings website I believe they are the same exact box. This is the image of the deep box off their site. Compares pretty well with the pics people have posted of their completed full hive.


It does look like it. Thanks for pointing it out.


Where I am I find 3 deep brood boxes work best. I’m zone 7a.