Controlling mites

Beginner beekeeper. Is anyone familiar with treating Varrora mites with sugar powder? And does it work?
Contemplating beekeeping for a hobby but my biggest concern is the mite issue and how to treat without using chemicals.

yes and no but sugger roll is the same as acole test ie suger roll dasnt kill the bees unlike alcahgole but both have thare pros and cons ie shuger roll you get some might to count but acahole roll thow being accuret it kills 300 bees both are to test to see if you need to do trement ie varrora trement as fred dunn sad in one of his videoes 1 vorroa mite is 1 to manny

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I am familiar with the concept, but all of the research shows that powdered sugar is NOT an effective treatment for mites. It is useful in doing mite counts, but it doesn’t kill them.

You can use oxalic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in rhubarb, among other plants, and is naturally present in the hive. It is much more toxic to Varroa mites than to bees, and it is my preferred method of controlling the mites.

You can search the forum using the magnifying glass tool to find many posts about oxalic acid use and how to apply it.

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