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Converting a Langstroth Bottom Board to correct angle


Hi Everyone

I’m looking for instructions on how to Modify a Langstroth bottom board/base to include the angle so that when we sit our brood box and the FLOW Super it sits at the angle required to flow honey. At the moment I see many videos of people who are tilting the super and propping it up on an angle to allow the flow.

FLOW has a couple of videos showing modification of the standard Langstroth Box but nothing on Base, this in my opinion is very important and some direction would be very much appreciated.


A hive with a solid bottom should be slightly tilted forward to allow for water to drain so adding a glut of wood under the front while tilting the hive is the easiest way out.
A screened board should be slightly tilted backwards which is why Flow have been able to incorporate the angle on their bottom boards.


The bottom board in the complete Flow hive has an angle of 2.5 degrees sloping down from front to back to allow the honey to drain from the channel.


G’day George, if it was me, I’d put a couple of drain holes in the back corners of the bottom board if you don’t want to prop the front up every time you harvest honey.


Hi Jeff

Im going to modify my current langstroth base to include the 2.5 degree, thanks for the idea