Hive 2-3 degrees inclination

I’m going to install a flow super on a non Flow brood box. It came to mind that if I could incline the flow frames (in the flow super) by 2-3 degrees instead of the whole hive… Thanx for educating me!

Welcome to the forum! I like your idea for its efficiency, but I wonder how it would affect the connection of the harvesting tubes to the channel openings when it’s time to harvest? I believe the angle might prevent a good snug connection and risk a mess. By the same token, the key access and operation may not work properly. Definitely try it while the super is off the hive before placing it on.

By the way, I’ve had this situation a few times - you never know which colony will be ready and I stopped trying to keep track of who had a Flow bottom board vs a standard one :sweat_smile: I just super up and then force a family member to help me do a quick lift in front while I put shims underneath. I do it at night (when I remember) so the bees aren’t as active - but even the times I’ve forgotten and started setting up to harvest, then realized and had to do the shimming during the day, it’s gone fine - it’s a quick 1-2-3 procedure.

Edit: just now realizing I should plan to shim BEFORE supering with a Flow :joy: That only took me 4 years - thanks for the inspiration!

You would have to be careful doing that with a solid bottom board. If it rains, water could pool in the base of the hive and bees hate that! :wink:


Very true! I knew there was a reason I have “avoided” this :rofl:

I do use slatted racks on all my hives - hopefully some protection from any puddles.

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Thank you Eva!
Your points are valid. I’ll try before installing it and will update this thread.