Core Board - Remove or leave for summer?

My white core board is bowed (kind of like a rainbow) in the hive. Making the entrance for the bees minimal to the openings on either side. I’m in Florida and summer is in full swing. Should I remove it all together for better ventilation or leave it? I have a Hybrid hive. I’m just worried that the space for the bees to come and go is minimal. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hi & welcome to the forum. You have me confused, on account that the core board fits in a slot below the screen floor, so therefore it shouldn’t bow like a rainbow.

There are 2 slots. I would keep it in the top slot all year round to reduce added ventilation, especially during hot weather. Also reduce the entrance so that the opening is no more than 15 Ideally block the middle, leaving 7.5 on each side. That way bees can draw air in on one side, & expel it on the other, if they choose to. You’ll see this beautifully illustrated in the video on YouTube, “City of Bees”, which is why I suggest to add no ventilation during hot weather.

Also remember to frequently check the core board. This will prevent the bees from gluing it to the screen with propolis.


It would be good to see a picture, my though is maybe some wax has gotten in the slot and caused a bit of a blockage.

I think this is my problem. I have the bottom piece upside down. So the screen is actually on the bottom (as the assembly picture shows). So I’ll need to flip it. Next question, once I do flip it, should I leave the white board in for the summer or remove it for more ventilation? I couldn’t find the YouTube video that was suggested. Thank you for all your suggestions! They have definitely glued it to some of the frames or either the heat has made it bow.

It’s been upside down the whole time!! Good thing the little jokers are so smart! I’ll flip it the right way asap. But assembly instructions were wrong and it was my first go at it…:grimacing:

What does the landing board side look like? I am not sure that you have it upside down until I see that… :wink:

By the way, your hive is beautifully painted! :heart_eyes:

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I always keep the bottom board in my hives for two reasons. One, the bees work hard at cooling a hive in summer and cool air is more dense so sinks. Without the bottom board this cool air simply drops out of the hive so the bees keep working over and over. And two, an open bottom is a huge entrance for pests which the guard bees cannot control.


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So this is the landing side but the bees can’t enter at all this way. They enter from the side that core board is in. The bottom piece that’s painted red was already assembled when I received it. But the screen is on the bottom…does this look right to everyone? Opened the hive today and they’re all doing good. It I don’t want to hinder them in anyway. Thanks for all the input!!!

Thank you!!! I loved painting it!

That doesn’t look right. Do you have a photo of the other side as it is now? In your earlier photo, it looked to be the correct way up