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Corflute slider position

How do I know which position to put in my corflute slider in, an also how do I know if I need to feed bees,

I would leave the coreflute slider in the top slot because I like a solid floor. In relation to feeding bees, I guess you can feed them any time you like, except for when a honey flow is on.

Needing to feed the bees: When doing brood inspections, if you see empty cells above the brood arc where the bees normally store honey, with no honey anywhere else in the hive, you definitely need to feed the bees until things improve for the better.

Hi Jen, Iā€™m in sub-tropical Queensland so a heap warmer than your climate and my cor-flute is in the top slot permanently and I would advise the same for you.
About 8 months ago I had to feed my hives for the first time ever, and did so for about 10 weeks. What I found was a reduction of capped honey and no wet cells of nectar. After some rain in March I noticed the bees taking up less of what I was feeding so figured there was natural nectar about in the flowers again. The lesson I learnt was that the Australian bush in a drought can still flower but but might not have nectar in the flowers.
I would only feed them if you see what I found in my hives, when there is a dearth happening.

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