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Corflute slider?


Hi Friends,
New beekeeper here, with my Flow2 hive coming in May. I’m in New England, USA.
I have just built the brood box kit that Flow offered to the Flow 2 customers who are getting bees before the Flow 2 delivery. I noticed that there is no corflute slider in my kit. Is this a generally available part?


Hi Harry, I have moved your query into the Orders category of this forum to get some assistance to you from the Flow team. Can I ask that you also contact the team via the info@honeyflow.com email address with your order number to let them know and someone will get back to you shortly.


Thanks Rodderick. I will send an email as directed.

Kind regards,



That’s a great question for pest management as the stand has all new features. I’ll be happy to get rid of the core flute board as the SHB hides there.


Hey Harry - you can buy coreflute in sheets at an arts & craft supply store. Or take a political or contractor lawn sign you’re sick of looking at, it’s the same stuff.


Yah Eva,

I’m with you … that core-slider stuff is available in office supply n even our Drugstore where stationery n school supplies are found.


We did a simple modification to the corflute slider to carry lime or DE and place it in the bottom slot to trap the shb, and it was nice to see on the new version flow hive you can now do similar. :grinning:
Can be seen in the forum here under pest and diseases.


Thanks, everyone! I never heard of core flute material before, and Flow is sending one out to me.


Good to see another Flow Hive contributor to the forum Harry, this is a friendly forum with lots of tips and advise, all you have to do is ask !!!


Thanks, Peter. I am about 3 weeks away from picking up my first nucleus. Here we go!