Could Hemp Leather Bee Gloves be on the Horizon?

I saw this while watching DW News. The first thing I wondered was if we’ll start using bee gloves made with hemp leather.

I’m not vegan but have been reducing meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. I don’t have much leather stuff either, but I find nothing beats a leather smoker bellows, and leather gloves for beekeeping.

Not all leather is equal. Beekeepers’ gloves are usually either cow, or goat. Cow is thicker, gives more protection against stings, lasts a lot longer but you get less dexterity. Bee stings can go through goat leather easier, but you get more dexterity and they are not as long lasting. I love my cow gloves and have worn them every single time I opened the hives. Must be a decade old.

Weed? Not so sure it can match leather’s longevity and functionality but I’d be more than happy to give it a go over synthetic vinyl leathers.

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I will stick to my goat skin gloves when I need them. Been used for years and still in perfect condition. They seem to be worrying, creating a market, where there is no problem/need.



Although they are the same species, Cannabis sativa, hemp does not have psychoactive compounds.

But still is a very versatile plant Alok. Like bamboo, they make anything from socks to skyscrapers with it.

As discussed I can’t see it replacing beekeepers’ gloves anytime soon, but replacing that stinky PVC synthetic leather with a biodegradable material from hemp, can’t be a bad thing.