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Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace UK

Next weekend is Country File Live at Blenheim Palace. The BBKA will have a stand and I’m making Skeps on the stand next Saturday afternoon. Should be a really good family day out. If you come along come and say hello to the beekeepers and If I’m there come up and say hello and have a go with the skeps.

All this week I’m helping to set up and get this event ready - very busy week.

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How exciting. I love shows like that. Are you taking your flow hive and are you selling your honey?
I’m just waiting for my new labels. Different ones for the soft set and the runny. Alas no cut comb this year. The bees have drawn the comb but not evenly enough.

Dear Valli,

Just a dumb American here… What the heck is a “SKEP” … My grandmama had all kinds of English words I didn’t know … :smile:. Please clue me in ! :wink::+1:. Thankz my friend … I’m still learning all the time … Have a great weekend over there !


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This is a skep

Used in old fashioned swarm collecting and keeping bees in the old days, killing them for harvest.

Have a look here,
This is one of a few on the subject



Yah ! That’s why that WORD sounded familiar … Thankz. My brain must be slipping :wink::honeybee:… Appreciate the brain wake up n flix !! I was thinking FOOD ! :grin:. Ta ta … Gerald

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How’s the honey doing, Gerald?

Great vid on Skeps Dee … I’ve never been familiar with that subject. Sure looks like a specialized job … I think I’ll PASS on that n stay with my conventional Langstroth hives.

Again Thanks ! Gerald

They are actually illegal in many US states, as you can’t inspect the comb for pests and diseases. Of course the bees don’t know that, and if you just happened to have a skep lying around for decorative purposes, and it accidentally became a home for a colony, well, are they going to arrest the bees? :smile:

Not sure need to ask the question @Dee Dee

The skep is an old skill so nice to keep alive. Mainly used for swarm collection here an old skill deems @Gerald_Nickel

Unfortunately in most states the bee inspector has the right to burn it… bees and all. Sad.

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Fascinating video, reminds me of newsreels we used to see at movie theatres, probably was.

I am sooooo tired up at 6 home at 9:30pm spent all day at Country File Live - so glad I have tomorrow off they were expecting 70,000 over the 4 days. Today was the first day and we already had 70,000 visits.

I also got to act as assistant for the 3 different Live bee displays - really good fun.

Well worth a visit if you are able. set in the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace our site take up 70 acres of the 150 odd acres of grounds.

Day off tomorrow and back Saturday, Sunday

I grew up in Bladon and in the summers I’d do day work setting up marquees for shows at the palace, it was bloody hard work! I know now how much I took that place for granted, being able to hop into the park for free via the locals entrance and walk my dog for a couple ours over the the column of victory, fond memories. Glad the show is going well for you, hope you have good weather for the weekend, there really aren’t many places more beautiful than Blenheim in the sunshine.


Contrary to popular belief I’m still around. After Country File Live I was exhausted and away 3 days in the Lake district with very limited wi-fi. Sorry if peeps have been talking to me and I had not replied.

Alive and well, checked bees today all good, Diamond’s daughter now in charge - Diamond hurt her leg on the SBB and was replaced by the entourage, Opal vanished and her girls did the same - Strange, both disappeared after 3 weeks of laying?? and Moonstone took a brief holiday is now back at work, Sapphire has had a stay of execution, Crystal and Emerald doing well - 15lbs of Honey from Flow Hive (Emerald).

Kept 4lbs of Honey back for Competitions entries

Did manage to do 2nd Flow extraction on my day off from Blenheim - UK watch this Sunday for Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace

Watch for the egg on Crystals abdomen towards the end of the video

Been a bit slack with videos - busy and problems with you tube - think I needed new drivers - all sorted


Last weeks’ video

How much have you got altogether?
You must have got a fair bit of Lime in that…lovely honey
No Lime here but plenty of balsam and the bees are absolutely packing the supers, half a super in 2 days!

I took off 15lbs all told - Now have 6 Queen right hives and caught up with my videos - will check the out apiary tomorrow - Sapphire had a bad start to the year and finally come good - changed out all the old combs.

Winter is coming - will do my Out Apiary tomorrow