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Meet the Beekeeper filming in USA July 2016

Hello my name is Mirabai and i am the Flow™ Hive filmmaker, and also Cedar’s sister. I work for our family company creating video & photo content.
In July i will be in the USA filming interviews and honey harvests for new web series called 'Meet the Beekeeper". I am interested in meeting Flow Hive beekeepers from around the country.
So if you have Flow Hive up and running then give me a buzz. Let me know where you are, what Flow Hive set up you have and if you have have some honey to harvest in July that’s even better :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Email: film@honeyflow.com
Ps. check out this little trailer from the first shoot here in Victoria, Australia. https://www.facebook.com/flowhive/videos/954939217937643/


What about you @Cowgirl? Having to have a bear fence is somewhat unique.

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I agree with Cowgirl. All of the people she listed have helped me tremendously with the information that they have shared in the forum. They encourage others with their positive comments and thru their informative pictures and videos!


Our videos are not as good, or professional as Mira or Bobby’s but the daughter and I sure have a lot of fun. Here is our channel if any of you want to check it out.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: @Cowgirl

Awww… shy :wink: but a bear fence would be soo cool to capture!

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Thanks @Rick_Gougis for sharing! Loved watching the bees hatching! :slight_smile:

@Bobby_Thanepohn thanks for the email i’ll get back to you soon :slight_smile:

I have a Flow hive complete and I live in Central MN. I am new to beekeeping myself this year so I do not know if I will have honey and when. Currently I have 2 brood boxes filling from a nuc I received in mid-May so, so-far, so good I’m told!

C’mon Cowgirl! You can do your intro in your bee veil :honeybee:

Love your videos, Mirabai!! They’re always so friendly yet polished, and so beautiful :rainbow:

I’m a first-year beekeeper near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - I don’t know if I’ll have my Flow frames running this year, but if you are in this area I’d be delighted to buy you a pint!

Very kind of you @Cowgirl, but I am not sure that I will have a harvest this year. :wink:

You are welcome to come to Wyoming and possibly see a rodeo while here as well. We are getting ready to install the flow on a swarm recently caught. When will you be in US exactly?

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Maybe shy but a great story to share with others ! :ok_hand::honeybee::cherry_blossom:

@Birdths @Eva @Dawn_SD @tony @Gerald_Nickel Thanks for getting back to me everyone :slight_smile: Having a harvest ready is not essential, just preferred. But there is still plenty to shoot playing with the bees, a brood inspection, installing a super, checking on the Flow Frames :slight_smile: Please is you can send me an email (film@honeyflow.com), if you haven’t already, that would be great… so i can keep track of everyone in one place. I’ll be writing back to everyone tomorrow as the dates and locations get sorted! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet some of you and wish i could come everywhere and meet you all… but USA is a BIG country!!! :grinning:


Mira, very true … It’s tis BIG ! Then Australia ain’t no small place either. At least I can’t be on your list yet ! I got back into beekeeping this Spring after a 55 year absence. Over the last few years I’d seen a real dip in the locate :honeybee: population. Been pollenating with a Q-tip lately. I’d not heard of Flow until this Spring. So having to wait for winter to order one or two of your larger set ups to fit my standard 10 frame Langston set up.

Lots of great Flow-hive stories I am hearing all over ! Looking forward to seeing a few ! Catch ya next time around maybe ! My five or six colonies might be chucking in a Flow this time next Season 2017.

Take care,
Gerald near Seattle in the foothill. .

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Great photos! @Gerald_Nickel thanks for the message. Perhaps 2017 indeed. Keep me posted :slight_smile:

I will. T’a ta n thanks for the reply. I know your very busy !

cheers Gerald. Hoping they still have the larger Flow-super that fits the 10 frame “langs”! Bye

Gerald yes we do still have the Flow Super that fits a 10 frame lang box. Its called a Flow Super 7 Frame.

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Mira !

Thanks for that info young lady ! I bit the bullet early today … I purchased a complete 8 frame Flow-hive. I’ve got a fair colony of bees that would do well in a 8 framer. Also ordered an extra deep Cedar super to go with it. We have to have a two deep up here so our bees can winter over !! Still will get at least one larger Flow-hive super for season #2 2017 … Looking forward to assembly my new Flow-Hive in my small wood shop.

Again … Thanks for the note n response today.
Gerald near Coalfiled, Wa.

Great news! I look forward to seeing some photos once you have it up and running. :slight_smile: