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Covering an entrance


I just picked up a hive from a friend that needed to get rid of them. I have the hive on our trailer where we want it to be in the yard and the bees are coming and going nicely. Been a week or so. It’s about time to move the trailer out and set the hive on a stand. I was planning on covering the entrance like we did when we moved it but even at night there seem to be hundreds of bees hanging out at the entrance preventing me from covering it. Any thoughts or recommendations?


You can try smoking them- or lightly must them with water from a spray bottle. Wait for ten minutes and see if they head in. I had the same issue last year. Another thing- look at the weather and if there is a cold evening coming plan to make the move then. If it’s cold enough he bees will all be inside. Lastly- if you can get them all in - don’t worry- just wear a suit and leave the entrance open- move the hive as quick as you can. The bees will largely stay on the hive and not fly off. But at night they are very crawley and will sting you if they get cranky.


Another empty box may help as well.


Thanks! I’ll try some smoke this evening and see if I can get them to go in, seal the entrance, move the trailer and put a stand it its place.

I was hoping this morning it would have been cold enough for them to decide to take a trip inside. During the day they seem to be coming and going and the entrance is relatively “normal” looking.

A 3rd super was added below the flow hive about a week before they were moved so I think they have enough space.

Photo of the hive:


Photo of the entrance during the day:


Photo of the entrance at 5:00 AM, less outside than at 10:00 PM but still too many to put something in front of the entrance:


The website is down at the moment, but Brushy Mountain has a product known as the Florida Moving Screen. I just ordered one for exactly this kind of use. It has a screen with “one way” holes in it. Returning or bearding bees can go into the hive through it, but they can’t get out. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but the reviews on the web site look positive. One person even used it on a bearding hive, and was successful with it.

Website is up again. Here is what I was discussing: