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Sealing up a flow hive so it can be moved

Hi, just got a flow 2 and was wondering is there a way to close the bee entrance in the event that I need to move /transport the hive ? Thanks in advance

Heaps of ways to lock the bees in like stuffing a piece of foam rubber into the entrance. Cut a piece of cardboard a bit larger than the entrance and hold it in place with duct tape. A job to do after sunset so all the foraging bees are in the hive. Either way is good for a single move.
If you move the hive more often then this entrance reducer can be out in upside down to lock the bees in and still get ventilation.

Same as Peter, I’ve just got that steel reducer/ventilated closer. As long as your hive is strapped together with the bottom board, it works fine. I’m in Tasmania, in a location where it gets quite cold, so I’m able to use the reducer and close of the rear ventilation to help them stay warm on really cold spells.

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Ok, so nothing on or with the flow hive per se, improvise or buy the steel vent! … thanks Peter48 much appreciated. I have so many questions and my bees haven’t even arrived yet ! :joy:

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Thanks very much Tassie Mike, appreciate it !

Your right, Flow don’t sell anything for that job or even recommend something to lock the bees into a Flow Hive.
Mate, you haven’t even scratched the surface with questions yet :smiley: Enjoy the ride in bee keeping, accept you will make a few mistakes, but you will learn from them and usually the bees won’t care.


Once I used a length of blue painters tape doubled over itself where it met the opening so bees wouldn’t get stuck on it. There’s always something lying around!


Check out Flows YouTube channel. Cedar does a full video demo on this subject.

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