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European Bienenhaus


I am curious if any of the European beekeepers use a bienenhaus to keep their bees in? If so I would be very interested in your experience with them. I became fascinated with how they work after watching the PBS NOVA documentary Tales From the Hive. I am considering building one for my self.



Very beautiful. I love all the colors!!




Some of the older bee keepers use their old Bienenhaus for reasons of beeing used to it. I’m not sure if younger bee keepers would build a new one. But I’ve talked to some people who continue to use the house replace the old HInterbehandlungsbeuten (hives which you attend from the backside instead of from the top) with modern magazines. Good thing is that the hives are well protected from the weather and you can store your tools and stuff near the hives. Bad thing is the heat in summer, when you work inside a closed room in summer. You also should never extract your honey from the combs inside this house or you’ll start a crazy frenzy amongst the bees… (this means the usage of a traditional extractor ;))