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Cross comb between flow frames


Checking my hive today, I hoped to find 3 full Flow frames ready for harvest - but when I opened the hive, I found they have been building cross comb between the flow frames - instead of finishing filling and capping all the cells. I have a Flow Light, with 3 Flow frames and 4 regular frames. Spaces between the flow frame spaces seem to be tight - so where did I go wrong, and what do I do now ?? Any advice welcome !


Hi Fiona, bees will do the unexpected from time to time, just use your hive tool to slice off the comb and put them back in the hive. Check again in 1-2 weeks and repeat of necessary.


Hi @Fiona_H , based on my experience with my bees in my hybrid super (what you call a Flow Light), that frame is getting full (as I perceive the bees see it). As they are starting to cap it the honey could well be ready to harvest (check to confirm though, as I could be wrong and the moisture content could be too high in the uncapped sections of the frame). I’ve noticed with my bees that when my frames start to get like in your picture they start to build bridging comb at the top between the frames (along the area where you insert the key). I haven’t (yet) experienced the bridging comb between the frame face like in your picture.

Interestingly I haven’t had any burr comb issues (yet) in my full Flow super.