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Cross combed in the Flow Hive


Well my package has been in my Flow Hive for 9 days, I violated beespace where the queen cage was. The girls
built comb off the foundation into the adjoining frame. I got in and trimmed out the comb. Some has pollen and nectar. Would you give this back to the hive or reserve the wax for later use?


I usually just cut across the top of the cross comb and push it back onto one frame then squeeze the top onto the frame. They fix my “help” really quickly.



Even if the cage was skinny enough to not violate beespace, they will build the first comb off of the cage. That’s why I would not put the cage in the hive… I would put the queen in.


Well lesson learned re queen cage, even if it was less than 24 hrs prior to release. Still the question reserve comb v putting back on foundation less frame or what?


New comb is very soft. A small new comb is usually not worth trying to salvage. A larger one might be, but you have to be very careful to manage to rubber band it into a frame. If it has nectar in it, it’s just too messy to deal with.


I appreciate your input. This is new endeavor for me. Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise.