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Releasing the queen


I went in to check on the bees on the 3 day mark. I found that they were building some errant comb because I put the queen cage between the frames. So… when @Michael_Bush says don’t put the queen between frames you probably should listen… Luckily there was only a 1"x3" piece of fresh wax comb built in the 3 days they have been in there that popped off very easily. I hated to waste their time and effort but obviously it had to go. #newbiemistake


Did you release her, or just move the cage?


I went ahead and released her while I was in there so I could reposition the frames correctly. They were building out the foundations nicely and there was already pollen stores in some of the cells


The problem on foundationless with no drawn comb is that they often start that comb on the queen cage in the wrong place and then build combs parallel to that, thus messing up the entire box…


I’m using pf100’s so they were building the comb on the face of the foundation because of the extra gap due to the queen cage. They seem to be taking fairly well to the plastic foundations there was a good amount of comb being drawn out properly though.


That is the nice thing about foundation. They get a clean slate on every wall of foundation to get back in line…