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Cross frame comb disposal

I have rather large amount of comb that was cross frames and dropped off to the bottom of box
Should i leave it, take it out or what?
Also can i switch the empty frames for ones with plastic comb guide

Scrape off any comb and wax that is between the frames and any on the frames that isn’t a part of the honey comb, I’m thinking wax on the top. sides and bottom of the frames. The frames should be fitting shoulder to shoulder and any left over gap is between the outside frame and the wall of the box and equal on both sides.
As for plastic foundation frames I’ve found they are prone to buckling in my hot climate and so only use bees wax foundation on wired frames. he wire is not necessary in the brood box but after a couple of years the frames should be cycled out of the brood and can be used for a second life in a honey super so could be extracted in an extractor and at that time should have wire in them. The only time to fit wire is when the frame is made. It will pay dividends in the long run.