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Crystalised honey in the flow..... Anyone tried this?

Hi guys,
I appear to have crystalised honey in a couple of flow supers and was wondering if anyone has tried putting a flow frame into the oven at 40 to 50 degrees to liquify it again?
The helpful people at flow said that’d never heard of anyone doing it and that I should use a hair dryer on low or put it in front of a heater.
My theory is that would do the same thing as the oven, but the oven would heat the whole thing evenly.
Any opinions or experience?

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I agree with your logic that the oven would be more even but you may want be extra careful to shield the plastic from the heating elements in your oven (maybe with baking sheets or wood) and make sure that it is preheated well before you add the super.

I have not tried this, I don’t remember if I have read about someone else doing it. The black trash bag-wrapped super in the sunshine may also be an option.

I’m not sure what the average size of an oven is, however I think you’d need a fairly big one in order for the flow frames to fit in. They wont fit in ours.

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Ahh, didn’t think of that Jeff. I think we will have the same issue.