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CT winter is back


Continuing the discussion from Connecticut Flow-er Power:

Round 2 of winter! Got my hive set up, bee’s are ordered, waiting for the frames and warm weather.


Hi !

Wow ! Double winters ! Seen the snowy pix’s on the News !

out here east of Seattle we’re enjoying a mini-Spring. Lawn is green, early flowers popping n bees wondering weather to wait or GO ! Guess our winter is done as Febuary is not noted for much in the way of late snow ( too mild here usually but often damp). Tomorrow will cloud up again n back to gray n wet ! Guessing your Wx will turn soon too.

Happy beekeeping Coast to Coast,


I wish…
This is my back yard, and a warre hive with some ladies waiting for it to warm up.


Wow ! So much snow ! We only see snow that deep every few years. This time of years is back n forth cloudy, rainy then maybe day or two of some sunshine then cloudy n rainy. Difficult some years for bees. Hard to winter over because so wet n damp during our winter. Often winters are not really COLD like other northern areas.

I like the snow pix ! Thanks for share. I’ve never used Werres hives. Just langs.
Take care.