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Connecticut Flow-er Power

This is the start, i think, for anyone who is in CT and is going to start using their flowhive.
This is the coolest that’s why you are here!
I’m Perry and just want to learn the best stuff I need to know to keep the bees in the world alive and eat PB and honey toast with my coffee while I watch the wonder of nature in action in my backyard.

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Hi from Northwestern CT

Hello MJF!
Thanks for saying hello
Looks like we are the first two for CT!
Did you buy the whole hive from indiegogo?
Did you “pledge” $88 for shipping ?
I think they will ship to us in December ?
Is that correct?
Where are you going to get your bees ?
I assume you will start yours next spring 2016?
What will you do in the winter?
I am totally new to this but am sooo excited
How about you ?

Hi! I too am new to this. I do plan to gather my knowledge and supplies over the course of the next few months. When the frames ship in December, that should give us plent of time for the 2016 season. Bees can be had from several places. I was looking through Craigslist and saw two ads for May deliveries. One in PA and one in Vt. One of the ads delivers to certain points along the major interstates in CT. During the summer, I’ll make plans to visit there stores. I only purchased the 6 frames, so I will need to purchase the rest of the hive. I am really good with woodworking so assembly is no problem. I also have a former coworker who has been doing this for years so I have a resource I can turn to as well.
I am looking forward to this new hobby

Thank you MJF
sounds like you are a wealth of information already
Maybe if we get others in this group over the coming months we can get better pricing on a big order in one location this winter from those bee people you mentioned.
Enjoy the wonderful week!
Just put down malorganite on the lawn and am putting up bird feeders next week.

Hello from central Ct.
Cant wait to get my hive.
My grandfather had bees when I was a kid in up state Maine and I always wanted to get into it.
Now I am.

hello wanabee
Thanks for joining!!
I’m glad you are fulfilling a childhood dream!
This is going to be so great. The more people we have in our group the more fun it will be to share ideas and experiences so we all get better at it, the bees have a new generation of caretakers and we have awesome honey to eat!

Good morning! I really want to get one so can you tell me how it works out once you have tried it? What about our winters? I will be a first time bee keeper hopefully soon. I think I am nervous about the local bear in the area because I will have to put up a fence to keep him out and I have small children. I love reading about other peoples experiences with the flow hives.

Good Luck!

Kristie :bee:

Hello Kristie!
I’m a rookie too, but will let you and everyone know what progress i make in my bee journey.
I have the same bear concerns and will have to see what can be figured out by the group as the best solution.
stay tuned!

Hello everyone from eastern CT, I am also a new bee keeper i’m about to recieve my kit soon its in the mail. Hopefully we can help eachother out i know ill need the help lol

Hey there. I’m in SW CT and am in the planning process. My school is interested, but we want to get our ducks in a row before starting things off. Anyone in Southern, especially SW CT would could share advice? Thanks in advance. Total newbies here.

I’m in Bolton, CT and have assembled my flow hive. Flow frames are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I’m hoping to go pick up my bees the weekend after next - hopefully the late snow will be a distant memory by then. I’ve never done any of this before, but am looking forward to the experience!!!

Hello from Rhode Island

Bees went in last night… They were still there this morning… Flow hive, here we go!

My Nuc source came up short. Any suggestions? I’ve got an empty hive ready to go!

Just adding myself to the CT roster of members.

I’m wondering how all the CT Flow Hives are doing? I have plenty of bees in the Flow super - for weeks now, but there seems to be almost no progress in filling and capping the cells. Some of the frames have honey but none near being filled. I am wondering if it is too late in the season for the bees to fill the flow super. Did I miss the flow this year since my hive was new? I started with a Nuc but didn’t receive it until May 12 or 13 as it was delayed due to the crazy spring weather we had. Suggestions on what I need to due - if anything from now until fall?

I am in southwestern CT and I started my hive in the spring of this year (2016). I have two deep hive boxes going strong. The bottom box is almost exclusively brood and the upper box is virtually all honey. I added the Flow super in early July. I have seen moderate to good bee activity in the flow frames, but no honey as of last inspection a couple weeks ago. I am not expecting to get a harvest this year and will likely have to pull the Flow super off for the winter before there is any honey to harvest.

Has anyone considered insulation? There is an interesting top insulation solution at beethinking.com (I believe these are the folks who make the hive material for Flow in the US):

Hello. Signing in from Glastonbury.

Just saying hello from Colebrook in NW CT. Will be starting up in May with a new Flow 2.