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Cutouts due to diffrent frame size


Hi everyone

I got a my Nuc last Thursday. The problem here in Switzerland is that almost no one is using Langstroth hives. So I had to cut out the drawn comb from the existing frames and place them into my Langstroth frames. I had help from my mentor and it went quite well! We had to cut away some brood (mostly drone brood) and some pollen and nectar. I hated to do so but all in all it was very little comb we couldn’t put back in the new frames. I thought I would share just in case someone else has the same problem. Here some pics of the procedure:

Cheers Flo :bee:

That’s the frame size we did the cutouts from

Brushing the bees of the frame

Cutting out the comb

Fixating the comb with elastic bands

Wiring Frames After Cross Comb Removal

What size do you use there, just for others to reference?


Hi Faroe

outside measurements: width: 285 mm / height: 362 mm




do the bees chew through and remove the rubber bands with time? Or do they end up imbedded in the comb?


Hi Michelle

They eventually chew through and remove them. Just don’t use rubber bands that are too thick. When I did the inspection I also removed some myself.

Cheers Flo