Frames not fitting

We just put our nuc into our brood box, but we are having an issue with fitting all 8 frames into the brood box. We can only fit 7 frames in, we are unsure why and what to do about this? we did clean the comb that was on the sides so they are fitting against each other like they should. Is it ok to just have 7 in there if they are spaced evenly? or should we shave down the frames to make 8 fit?
Very unsure about how to deal with this!!


Are the frames touching on their ‘shoulders’? or is the comb wider than the frames and causing the lack of space?

Are they wooden frames?

Do you have a photo of the issue?

Is it a Flow brood box? (if so i’d be very surprised because it houses 9 frames fairly comfortably)

yes the frames are touching, they are wooden frames and it is a flow brood box. We don’t have photo, but we did get new frames that have wax sheets in them, and our nec had 4 frames and we had 4 new frames with the wax to go into them too.

Even if they are 37mm wide frames there should be no issue fitting them in the box. I would really need to see a photo to better understand the problem. Were the frames in the Nuc the same size as the frames you had with wax in them?

IIRC, some folks manage to squeeze 9 frames in those Flow brood boxes. I’d like to see a pic of yours.

That IS confusing because only 2 days ago I demonstrated to a flow customer how a ninth frame fit into a flow brood box. That was a flow brood box that was delivered early this year.

agree with what every one else said- there should be room left over with 8 frames- not the other way around. Did you NUC box measure about 9 inches wide? If so it’s probably a five frame Nuc- and the bees have filled out four very fat frames? Even then I would have thought you would have room- as you can fit 9 frames into the flow 8 frame box.

Correct. It was a snug fit but 9 frames in an 8 frame flow-supplied brood box works easily.