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Cutting out advice


Moved on from trapping advice thread as decided to do a tree cut out. Photo taken 3 hours after job shows tree, brood box with lots of brood comb inside, wood from front and bucket of honeycomb. The bucket was attracting the most interest but there did not seem to be any large swarming going on. Quick look in the box and while not packed plenty of interest. Did not find queen despite careful examination of every comb. What do I do next? Photo won’t upload but just had a look at 10pm and its very peaceful! Half or more have gone back into the tree cavity and maybe one third are in the brood box. Wonder if tomorrow I smoke them out of tree, try to find queen and block up the tree opening when most of them are out, hoping more will go into the box?


Errrrmmm, reload your pictures? :blush:


Yeah tried about 20 times


Did it!


Sometimes the upload takes a few minutes and if you press the reply button before it is complete, the picture doesn’t load. Can be frustrating if you have a slow connection or a large file! :wink:

Great picture, thank you for sharing.


Day 2: Blocked up tree opening and easy to test with a hole around the back I could direct smoke through. Added second story and wiped comb over the flow frames. Left a gap along one side of the top and they seem to be going in.
Checked nightime action and maybe half or more settled on the tree 7ft off ground about 15 bees deep, 18 inch lengthways and 8 inch wide. Wonder if the queen is here and if I should try to catch them tomorrow to put in box? If so what time of day is best?