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Dadant broodroom


I use Dadant frames in the brood room. Therefore, I have built a “new” type of box.
This is called “Draw-hive” and serves as a drawer, you can work in the brood room without lifting the supers. The idea is that it would facilitate the handling of the Flowhive and avoid lifting heavy treasure boxes, when one manages the bees.
Drawings can be found on the Internet.
Will be back with more facts when I tested it.


Are these like the banks of hives on a trailer where you’re able to access the hives from the rear inside the trailer?


Yes. There are various “designs” with the brood frames on runners so that you can pull them out like a file, then take them to the door to inspect by daylight.


No, You can find more about them if You visit: www.drawhive.co.uk


How would we prevent bees from being annihilated when opening and closing the drawer?


In the same way that you use when you work with regular bees , a little smoke and gently touch.