Dark sticky wax under queen excluder in brood box

I’m really hoping you can give me some advise or guidance. I inspected my main hive this afternoon (this same hive also had a lot of condensation during winter). I live Brighton 30min north of Brisbane and we did have a really went winter.
Even with the weather warming up the hive is still not real active. 3 of my other hives are very active and almost ready to harvest.
Under the queen excluder there’s a lot of very dark and super sticky wax all over the tops of the hives.
Any help or light you shed on what could/would have caused this and how I can possibly fix/save the hive would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. Have you inspected the brood box? Photos are very helpful.

My first thought is propolis. Now my second thought is hive beetle slime. I hope it’s not the latter.

I notice a lot of condensation with weak colonies during winter. You might be able to do some preemptive swarm prevention measures on the 3 strong colonies, while boosting the weak one. That’s what I’m heading off shortly to do myself up in Buderim.

Hi Jeff, thank you. I’m not sure how to add photos, I do have some and would like to include them so people can better see what I mean. Cheers Chris

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