Hello from Melbourne, Australia

Just introducing myself. I’m new to bee keeping, done two courses here in Melbourne. My hive consists of two deep brood boxes (common for flow hives here in Melbs) and a flow super inherited from my late mother-in-law. We move the established hive in Feb 2018 and I’ve been fumbling my way through ever since. Been quietly reading lots of posts on this forum for a while and thought I should say “Hi!”.


Welcome to the forum Caro, did you get a harvest this year?

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Hi @skeggley not this year. Added a new base, brood box and been slowly swapping out the frames from the original brood box as they were very old, black and lots of detritus. Didn’t put the flow back on till late summer so its only about half full. Think I’m going to leave it to them this winter. Seems like its possible to keep the flow super on in Winter in Melbourne and not risk the bees moving up and loosing the queen. That’s what my MIL used to do anyways.

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Hey Caro, sounds like you are doing everything right and welcome to the forum, lots of great people in the family here, with lots of advice if you need it. But beware of Dawn, Eva and Martha from the US, they are ok if they are separated but when they combine they are a major cause of raised blood pressure to the guys here.:smiley: Won’t take long till you are are to help out with advice her too.