Dead bees after split

Approximately one week ago we split a hive of very strong bees … we put the Queen in the new hive (lyson) … we had to make a trip out of town immediately afterwards

When we got back I thought everything was okay … from distance bees flying around hives then I got closer and at least 500+ bees dead on ground and on porch of new hive (the one with queen)
The old hive shows no indication of death
Was going to do inspection today but unfortunately pouring rain all day
I can send video and pics
Was told it’s not just drones from pic. I am very novice …. 1st year … when we bought place had a hive on property …. They all survived winter very well but while we were gone after the split we had some freezing temps …
Any advice or ideas greatly appreciated

Hi Katharine, welcome to the forum!

If the dead bees were outside then it’s possible they were carried out (by live workers :wink:). With the freezing temps they would have had to cluster to stay warm, and inevitably those on the outer layer can die even in larger colonies.

My advice would be to put some feed inside and add insulation until the colony has a chance to grow and the weather stays warm. Put insulation under or on top of the lid to prevent condensation, and strap some styrofoam green board or similar pieces around the outside. Doesn’t have to be fancy or specially made, just so it helps buffer them from colder temps. I’ve heard of people putting a boogie board on top of the lid :sunglasses: - whatever does the trick! Then let them recover & build for awhile, maybe 10-14 days. Make sure you check and feed again as needed.