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Dealership in india


sir i want to know more about the dealership for my country(India)


Sorry there is no dealerships to be had - these Items are only available through HoneyFlow.com


Thank you for your interest. We are the sole distributors through our web shop. We ship to India.

The full Flow™ range is now available for purchase on our website, http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/p/94

Pricing and shipping dates are available here.

Please refer to our shipping page for more pricing.


im new begginer…im interested in honeykeeping i wanna buy this honey flow…how can i? i am from india


You can purchase through our web shop - http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/p/129

Our shipping info is here - http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/shipping/p/25 - just type in India - and you will see the different shipping prices for the different products.


Seem to be haveing big problems with Flow.Orded a super only,and then we thought that we really should have ordered a full hive Super and a full hive.Paid for both but not getting any of the first payment back?
So what would you suggest that I do now.I am now fully retired and our money situation seems to be going down fast (mmm) Any way have you herd of any won else having this sort of problems please.
Relay getting a bit worried about it all.I had a email from them to say contact someone else.So did and got back that I had ordered it correctly???I think ether there there system is not behaving or they do not understand what I am telling them?So total paid $1416?So I hope that they are going to rrefunb some of my honey?
All the best


Hi Ray, I have just had a look at your email history. It looks like you initially purchased a Flow Super and then wanted a complete Flow Hive.

But now you want:

  • only 1 x Complete Flow Hive
  • refund of your Flow Super

I will email you this- please respond to the email confirming what you would like so we can arrange this for you.


Do you ever sleep, @Faroe? My guess is that it is 6:45 am in Brisbane right now, and you are already working!


Mind you, I start work at 6:15 am local time, so no biggie I guess. But I choose to do that, I am impressed with the hours you guys put in!