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Hello guys I would like to get a shipment to India I can’t seem to find India while checking out in the cart.... I am a newbie so any suggestions or knowhow helps i am thinking of owning one?

I would like know more thanks for the help guys

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Hi Faizy, welcome to the forum! You seem very enthusiastic and I wish you luck getting started in beekeeping :cherry_blossom::honeybee:

I’m tagging @Freebee2 and @Bianca from Flow so they can answer your shipment questions.

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Hi @Faizy_Fz

We ship to most countries around the world but for some we just need to create the order manually as the shipping process isn’t so straightforward.

Please refer to our international site www.honeyflow.com for all items that are available to be shipped to India and contact our team at info@honeyflow.com with the below information and they will create a manual order for you.

Full Name
Email address
Contact Ph number
Shipping address
What you would like to purchase including sizes for any suits/jackets.

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

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