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Do I place the flow hive brood box on top of my older brood box that I transported my bees in?


I have had my bees now for about 4 weeks and they have settled into my yard and location. I got them in an older style brood box and am wondering if I just put the flow frame on top of the brood box or put the flow hive brood box on top of the older frame with the flow frame on top of that?


Before you do anything tell us how strong they are. How many frames of solid brood?


The brood Box is very strong and has 7 frames with a lot of bees :honeybee: and the queen

Pamela Menere



Welcome aboard the Forum . Souonds like your moving ahead but need advice. Love to help you but still need some info …

Your old style brood box … is it an 8 or 10 frame wide box. And curious here … if on a 8 frame set-up do you have the extra 8th frame to fill the outer gap ? A couple clear pixs ( one or two from above would sure help fill in the needed info … Also a pix of couple center brood bee coverage would be more helpful too with accurate advice. We don’t want to give you bogus or inaccurate help.

Your frame currently foundation or foundationless frames you got from brood source. Are your center (usually) frames full of capped brood n/or are the couple at either side full of mixed eggs, larva, n capped broad. The frames with eggs n open larva should be really covered with nurse bees (hard to see thru all the bees).

Dee, myself n others will quickly supply your needed answer(s) with the additional info n or pix’s. The handy tool: if the box is 80% (or plus) full of active bee coverage it’s time but your description is still a bit incomplete/vague.

Waiting to hear from you very soon young lady. Cheers n good luck :four_leaf_clover:



I just answered a very similar question here:

However, I also strongly agree with Jerry’s (@Gerald_Nickel) and @Dee’s comments. We don’t have enough information to tell you what to do, but my 3 cardinal rules in the other posting linked above will apply to you too. :wink:

Whether or not you use the extra Flow brood box will depend on whether most beekeepers in your area use double brood, or just a single box.


Thank you will take some photos over weekend raining here in the Upper Murray
Regards Pamela

Pamela Menere



Awesome ! Look forward to seeing the pixs. If you wouldn’t mind could you snap a pix of your Apiary … At 72 yrs old. I travel by looking at other people’s countries home regions. I having to take care of my bride. We been married over 50 now so not much getting around.