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Doesn't get better than this


First inspection. Package installed 4/19. Pulled hive top feeder today. Saw eggs, pollen, capped brood and some capped stores. New beekeeper. Pretty amazing what you can accomplish with a little help from your friends. :kissing_heart:



Kenh, looking good ! You have a very nice n strong Queen. Great pix !


Did you use foundationless frames? If so did you add any wire to it? I am kind of wishing I added wire. No problems yet but seems wire would give it some support.


Great pic! What fresh white comb. Keep up the great work😄


The frame looks plastic to me, which would suggest that the foundation is plastic too = no wire, but it doesn’t really need it.

Note to self - get some sleep or some new glasses, you aren’t seeing straight! :blush:


Foundationless. Used 17lb test fishing line, strung across the frame, hole to hole, tied off tight and melted at the knot.


That’s what I do when using foundationless this way it doesn’t collapse during warm weather inspections or just on it’s own under the weight of honey.

Now tell that queen to lay some eggs!