Door reducer on flow hive 2

I have just recently got into beekeeping and have seen about the guardian door reducer add on which keeps out hive beetles.
I am a bit stuck on firstly finding a door reducer to hold that and whether it would work with a flow hive,
Any help would be greatly appreciated
thx Hugo.

Welcome to the forum Hugo, you will find heaps of reading, tips and advice here.
Re the Guardian Bee Hive Entrance, they are not sold here in Australia. I do have SHB here and seen them scurry thru the entrance.
I use a couple of the ‘beetle blaster trap’ that sits between the frames with cooking oil in it and the bees will chase the beetle till it falls thru the gaps and drowns. I don’t know the selling price in the UK but the beetle blaster trap has bee around for years and with excellent results.

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have you successfully found a door reducer which works for the flow hive, not the plastic or metal ones,
thank you for your time.

I’m not aware of an entrance reducer that is not made from metal or plastic Hugo. The plastic ones don’t last even a year in my climate. I use the type in my photo, made of gal steel and cuts down the entrance by about 50% so there is less draft in the cooler weather, makes the entrance more defend-able by the guard bees against robbing and it can be fitted upside down to the bees are locked in but still have ventilation thru the holes. Got mine on EBay. They work for me.

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this is good thx i cannot agree more about plastic. this will do the trick.
probably talk to you soon about another problem.
you have been a great help.

Happy to be of help Hugo, That is what the forum is all about.

I have a wooden entrance reducer fixed with two blobs of silicone either side

what size and would it work for a flow hive 2.
Thx Hugo

It’s a FlowHive 2 I have Hugo.

This where I get most of my bee supplies from mate.

thank you sooo much you are a literal god.
have been looking for something like this for days.

So has anyone used the guardian on a flow hive 2 entrance?