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Flow Hive 2 entrance reducer dimensions

Setting up the new FH2 7 frame auracaria. Can someone advise on (metric) dimensions to make an entrance reducer to help the girls settle in please? Thanks

Hey Jason, a big welcome to the forum where you will find lots of reading with advice and tips. Your only a few k’s from me and would be happy to show you a multi purpose bit of kit, it reduces the hive entrance, can be turned upside down to lock the bees in if you need to move the hive but still allows ventilation, stops geckos, mice and cane toads getting inside the hive and dead easy to fit.
I’m at Coolum Beach, phone 0456710016 n pop over for a coffee and a bee chat.
Regards Peter


Thanks Peter…I have a gecko or 20 lurking too. Will be in touch. Cheers.

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I use these metal entrances also … it helps keep the local mice :mouse2: out of the hive too. Mice can really damage frames quickly. I have made custome wood reducers also in my mini-woodshop.


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They are worth their weight in gold, really ‘kill several birds with one stone’ as an entrance reducer or fitted upside down to lock the bees in and still give air flow to the bees. Simple and effective at a reasonable price too.
How is it going for you with the bees and weather conditions? This Winter is the warmest on record here, after the record heatwaves last Summer I’m feeling a bit nervous about this coming one.

Hi Peter,

I installed the entrance reducer last week, it looks really good in place. The girls are up in the super presently but appear only to be chewing away on the beeswax I coated it with…agree, this summer may be a challenge for everyone.

I have a bottle of sav Blanc with your name on it here to say thanks for your time recently. I’ll drop it around when I manage to get some time to myself.

Kind regards,


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