Double-long hive with Flow frames

I wanted to be able to split the 4ft hive into 2 separate hives when needed and so requested that there be entrances and flow frames at both ends, removable division board, and optional queen excluders. Here’s the progress on Day 1:


This is very impressive Olivia, I like the thickness of the timber you have used there… good insulation. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to build a hive where there was an observation window for each frame? have you heard of a double hive with 2 queens that share a common super, this long could be adapted for this purpose too?


Not wanting to go off on a tangent but I just found what I was thinking of.

and for the long hive a super on top and divider boards to separate two colonies.

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@Rodderick I watched this video last night. I like the design except for the velcro on the plexiglass. I am not too sure the velcro will hold up over time with the bees possibly putting propolis on it. I think I would change it so that the plexiglass could be slid in and out from the opposite side of the door hinges. By doing that the plastic could be cleaned periodically if need be.

I didn’t see any design plans listed anywhere. You?

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Update, it’s in operation! And going great. One colony at each end, the girls are already working on the flow frames.


Fantastic, congratulations. I was going to just build a long long, but will have a crack at your idea. One question, can you show how you access the key slot for the flow frames - I am stuck on it as I am not sure how to put the tilt roof on with the access for flow key

Hello there Jeff,

I just put in a similar gap with a little chock of wood to block it- like on any flow super. I think you can see the same on Olivia’s first photo? On my telescoping roof I had to cut out a little section at that place so I can get the key in without having to open the roof…

great Job Olivia! Please keep us updated this season - I am very keen to see how the bees take to the flow frames in that configuration. It looks like your wood is completely untreated? Are you worried about it rotting? A few coats of tung or linseed oil might be a good idea? Also- I can’t quite tell from the photos- but did you end up with flow frames at both ends? And are you using queen excluders?

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Thankyou. My initial look was obviously a quick scan - Something my wife calls a “boy” look :smile:

The wood is indeed untreated- not a conscious decision, I just completely forgot to treat it before putting the bees in! :blush:

So far it’s going great and fascinating: put one colony on either end with, indeed, 3 flow frames at either end. The Italians are doing so-so, and showing zero interest in the flow frames. The Carniolans are going gangbusters! They start 2 hrs before any of my other hives; fly 2 hrs later than any of my other (Italian or local) hives; and are ALL OVER the flow frames. They are as gentle as rumor claimed - I do my inspections of their end in shorts and bare handed! Makes me wonder why anyone bothers with any other breed!

No QX at this moment; I just keep adding empty frames in the brood nest when all frames seem filled. Horizontal makes it so much easier.

Yep exactly! Willt ake a pic. Little chunk of wood is actually nailed to one of the top board because it was so small it kept falling out.

Will you paint it with your patented tincture of wax, rosin and linseed oil??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::clown_face::hugs: That will give it a truly ‘unique’ finish…

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… it’s an improvement, right? :blush:

So my question for those with a long Lang is have you tilted the whole long Lang or just made the flow frame rebates slope so that you can harvest?


I will be tilting the whole shooting match, same as the "flow " hive, but still very much a work in progress, my plans continue to evolve as I enjoy the building bit a lot more than the planning bit

I built my entire base with a slope to accommodate the flow frame requirement. I don’t see any harm to the regular frames being on a slight angle.

Thanks guys. I was curious