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Dr.Eaths Organic Fertilizers - can I use them?


Can I use Dr. Earths Organic Fertilizers in my vegetable raised boxes and flower beds as well in and around my bee hive. I am making a bee garden and I also have 18 4x4 raised beds and bought new dirt that they recommend I use a fertilizer with it. I live in the PNW (Seattle area). If not maybe you can tell me I can safely use, I do need something.


It should be just fine. There are no insecticides in it that I can see, so no problem for bees.


Thank you so much :blush: Wanted to get started right away.



Dawn is totally correct. I was in the Nursery n Yard Maintence business … I owned couple greenhouses as well. Honeybees always frequented our nursery … We used a great deal of mixed regular n organic’s !! Only the lawn ferlizers with pesticide n herbicides weren’t possible safe around the bees if not careful.

I try to use organic soaps n Neam on all my fruits so not to take a chance sickening our precious honeybees. It’s pesticides not fertilizer that will damage or kill bees.

Always read the directions on all chemical no matter what.

Good luck n enjoy your gardening,


Thank you both for your responses. Sorry I’m late in my response but got caught up in life’s everyday hiccups.