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Is liquid fertilizer bad for the bees?


Does anybody have information on this? We have a lot of flowers, flowering shrubs, etc, that we spray down with liquid fertilizer now and then. Is this a problem for the bees?


Do you have an MSDS sheet for the fertilizer in question. Most likely it will be fine but the MSDS will tell you a lot about what is in it. And what components might be toxic.


Good idea. It’s Miracle Gro Liquafeed General Purpose, and the MSDS doesn’t indicate anything problematic. At least, nothing for humans…


My guess is as long as it doesn’t contain any kind of systemic pesticides that it shouldn’t be a problem for the bees.


Why would you spray anything on your plants? I only use natural fertilizer (rabbit dung), which will feed the tiny creatures living in the soil. Those will make the nutrients available for the plants and thus you are fertilizing much more sustainably. Your plants will be healthier and so are the bees ^^


I’m not aware of any real bee issue. It’s just personal have you feed your plants. I use both chicken poop/compost n liquids because I’m am lucky enough n blessed to have both.

Enjoy your flowers n bees.



Soon you might have “slumgum” too, if you ever render and purify wax from your hives! :wink: According to @JeffH, slumgum is a very good fertilizer. Jut make sure that you dig it in well below the surface if you have SHB in your area! :blush:



Haven’t seen any Beatles or mention of them yet up here in the apiarys I helped in. Sucks just dealing with the mites … Working hives was so easy n simple back in my teen years. Yah ! Saw something about using that in my garden. I have a Troybuilt garden tiller so that stuff should get worked in pretty well.

Interesting … My bees have been flying in n out from the SW since arrival. but about half the gang has changed to the North. Must be something tastier that way now. Love watching n studying them.

Cheers n TaTa , Gerald (jerry to friends)


May I be your friend, Jerry? :blush:

I don’t think SHB has got as far north as you. They are in California, thanks to migratory hives, but I haven’t seen any yet… :pray:


Ringo is a particular bastard… he will mess up your hives in no time flat…


Talking of California…you lucky people.
Check out the line up for Octobers festival in the desert

Sorry for the hijack


Looks great - about a 4 hour drive from here. I once got stranded near Indio at an airport. The magnetos on our plane failed and it wouldn’t start. Quite a story… :open_mouth:



Presto ! :boom:. Just waved my magic wand ! Your now a friend !! Call me J-E-R-R-Y ! Now … :wink::sunglasses:. Can I can you Dawn !? :yum: …


Of course! I won’t even sulk for long if you call me Dee! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank You Dawn, yes the earthworms really love slumgum. Before we had SHB, I used to bury the slumgum shallow, then dig it up 6 weeks later to discover a mass of earthworms through it & under it. I did that post SHB only once. That time there was a lot of SHB larvae mixed in with the earthworms.

I use lots of liquid fertilizer, mainly liquid fish, seaweed & now more recently worm pee, thanks to a honey customer. She has inspired me to get my own worm farm. I fixed the lid so that hopefully the beetles wont get in to get at the slumgum I intend on putting in there.


I’ll try not to call you the other “D” name ! :sunglasses::+1:. Better keep my :sunglasses: on !