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Drones coming and going

Hi everyone. I am new at beekeeping have a flow hive 2 and have observing it. At the moment there are drones landing and going in to the hive. Not sure if this is ok.

Hi Ivan that’s just what they do drop in have some food drift off again generally just hanging around til it’s time to meet up with a new queen some day. The hive will move them on if there isn’t enough room or resources to support them. I like hearing them coming in as the noise is much louder than a worker.
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Drones will fly from the hive for two important reasons. 1 is to find an unmated virgin queen flying around and that is where mating takes place, not inside the hive. 2 Like the worker bees, they go for a short flight to poop as they don’t poop in their home. But drones do go inside the hive to eat nectar, protection from the weather and generally make a bit of a pest of themselves. So to answer your question, all is good.
I’m thinking the Salvation Jane aka Paterson’s Curse and Cape Weed is giving a good flow down your way but the drought will effect it to a fair extent.
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Thanks Gaz. I have been doing some research and yes they go off to a DCA. Drone Congregation Area. Waiting to mate with a queen. They come back to eat and drink and then go out again . Sounds like a few human guys I know. Lol. Thanks again.


Thanks Peter. Yes, talking to a few locals, the flow is not as good as last year. Have had my bees for over a month and they seem not interested in the flow super. I suppose I have to be patient.


I just picked up on

So I suspect you have added the flow super too soon. A super is normally added when the brood box has a minimum of 80% of the cells in use for brood or stores and the colony strength is very strong. A nuc a month on isn’t that strong yet.
Patients will pay off, you need to let the bees work at their pace and providing they are healthy and increasing that is all you can ask of them.
Cheers Ivan

Hi Peter. I bought an existing hive from a local beekeeper. He had a hive that had a brood box and a super. Transferred 6 existing frames with brood from the brood box and two frames from the super with just comb. The hive quickly settled down over two days before I actually took it home.

You did it right and the two days gave time for the bees to ‘fix’ the frames in place for the trip home. Make sure the bees have a water supply that they won’t drown in. I guess the big need down there is some rain to help with a flow of nectar and to calm nerves.