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Early Draw of Honey

Just wondering if its possible to put the flow hive on after the brood box is 80% or more filled. Also then wondering if I can take it off around the end of August (after taking the honey) and put on another brood box to be built up for winter. I only have the one brood box now. I was just hoping for an early honey draw. I am will to wait if the odds are against me. I am also prepared to feed the girls over the winter with a top feeder. My girls live north of Seattle WA.

I would definitely do it the other way around. Brood box first, then flow super. If you go with the super first, your bees will not be able to build up as much population, and they won’t have as many stores for themselves over winter. That may mean that they don’t survive. There isn’t a huge nectar flow after August, so it is definitely better practice to look after the bees before you start stealing their resources. :blush:

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Thanks Dawn! I thought this would be the protocol. I did take your advice that you mentioned to someone else with the slotted board. I put one on this year! I did lose my hive last year to not enough ventilation and mold.:frowning:
They look happy so far.

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