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El Paso Texas Live Cam

I brought my Flow home from my beekeeper this past Sunday with a healthy NUC installed. Hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am. Cheers! Michael



Hi !

I’ll try loading to my computer. My I-phone won’t load your live camera … Bummer !


I notice that you have the Flow super on already. Is your hive ready for that? Do beekeepers in you area run on a single brood box, even for 8-frame Langstroths?

Nice web cam setup. :wink:

I had a local beekeeper install the NUC. I am very new to this, but I am see bees working hard in the upper box already.

I would strongly suggest contacting your local beekeeping society, they have lots of good advice. Or even ask your nucleus supplier about how many brood boxes you need. If you need two, that Flow super should not be on the hive yet. Just a thought. You probably need to do a lot of reading too. You can’t neglect bees in El Paso, you have varroa, small hive beetles and africanization to deal with, requiring conscientious inspections. Good luck!

I have a professional on call. It wasnt a NUC installed - it was a full colony. Well developed at his house before he moved them to my box. I have 3 beekeepers within reach that are walking me through this. Thanks.

Great, sorry, don’t mean to step on any toes, but we have a lot of people in this Forum who have no idea about bees and no contacts. Just couldn’t tell where you were at with contacts/mentoring/experience from your profile or your other posts. :blush:

I am one of those, but I did a ton of homework before I got into this and reached out to everyone I could. I will ask about the 2nd brood box - thanks for that little piece. No toes squished here. Its all good info.