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Emerge vs Hatch, Your vs You're, Advice vs Advise


I noticed this, but also know that not everyone spells well and it can be hard. I understood the sentence in context, so left it. But, maybe I should be more diligent and edit the posts when I see them so everyone’s brains are kept calm :wink:

I think in Australia these spelling mistakes happen easily for some reason (like we aren’t really taught it so much when we were younger in school). Or maybe it was because I was better at science and maths rather than English?.. hmmm :thinking:

I remember my mum’s friend correcting my use of their vs they’re about 20 years ago, and it stuck with me. Still have to think about it, but thats the hard thing with the english language and words that sound eactly the same, but are spelled differently. I do think advice and advise sound different though. But that’s because my brain can see and hear the difference, and not every brain works the same.
On another note, I just went to write spelt and it came up as wrong, but apparently it does exist:

In regards to bees hatching and emerging, well apparently they do both :stuck_out_tongue:
The bees hatch from the egg in 3 to 4 days and emerge from their cells in 12-24 days. :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:
Yes yes, I know I’m right again :wink: Please keep your applause and public gratitude to a minimum :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

And on another, another note, I have a built-in app on my computer called Grammarly which is great for correcting spelling as well as grammatical errors which I would otherwise miss (there may be other similar apps and programs that work great too).