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Flow frames not filling


Hi There,
I last harvested my flow frames on the 20th of dec .
Since then the bees have been busy filling the standard frames beside the flow frames which are full and capped . I have an extra super on top which they have naturally drawn there own comb and are all full except the 2 outside ones . There is no nector at all being placed in the flow frames . It has been extremely hot[47degrees] and with that the honey flow has slowed . Is this normal that they are not touching the flows?


Everything sounds normal based on what you typed.


Hi I assume you have a hybrid flow with standard frames beside the flow frames?
We tried a hybrid for a year or so and it just didn’t go as well with flow frames slow to be filled. Converted back to full flow frames and all good now like our other full flowhive.
We only have the 1 super above the brood box also, doesn’t give the bees much choice but to use the space. They also tend to treat the hybrid like any other brood box and put the honey on the outside and leave space for brood in arches in the flowframes which are central.


Thanks for your reply, yes we do have a hybrid . what your saying makes sense .
Thanks again


What you have described is normal for bee behavior. They will make use of bees waxed frames in preference to plastic Flow Frames but there are tricks for you to use to make the bees accept the plastic quicker. The nectar being collected has been used to make the wax for the bees to build out the wax comb in preference to being stored as honey but when all the frames are drawn out you will find honey being stored again.
Just make sure the bees have water nearby for them to drink and cool the hive.