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Entrance Reducer / Feeder


I sure thought the flow kit came with an entrance reducer but could not find one and this is all I could think of and I am hoping it holds together until I can make it fit better. The feeder I have didn’t fit either. We will see it the youtube link works.


Right now no one is make a commercially available flow compatible entrance reducer. I have to say I don’t fully agree with the decision to move forward with a design that does not use all standard parts ie feeders, entrance reducers etc. But what is done is done.


Just get a bit of moulding that fits, cut it to length and use that. An entrance reducer is just that, anything that reduces your entrance. A bit of dry grass is often used…



I received a entrance reducer with a two inch restriction in the package that I got last October.


I tend to run half entrances on my hives, even the big production hives are OK with that. Also, my entrances are only about 1cm high so much more restricted than the standard Lang entrance. I like to keep the entrance busy.