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Entrance reducers


I am curious why the flow hive did not include an entrance reducer and why there are openings in both the back and the front of the brood hive

I am experienced in beekeeping- was given the flow hive as a gift- trying not to be frustrated


I am not aware of a second entrance on the flow hive. Mine only has the one in the front. The back has two slots for the cornflute board but the bees are not able to enter the hive due to the screen. I was able to take an entrance reducer from another hive of mine and trim it down so it fit in the entrance. You mention being having experience so I don’t think this should be too much of an issue. I recall seeing posts that due to the angle on the flow bottom board the entrance is narrower than a standard entrance on standard langstroth hives. I don’t disagree that one should come with the kit but of all of the items that come with the hive that is the least of my worries.


I just noticed that a standard solid bottom board is suited to use both sides and that it is 2 sizes and the external jar feeders fit the large opening and smaller opening. The flow hive is designed for the smaller entrance as well. 3 paint stirrers should fit nicely as an entrance reducer. Personally, I like the larger opening better. I wonder if flowhive 2 has the larger opening with the new stand. :grinning:


Thanks John. The entrance does seem to be narrower than the standard langstroth.