Eviction notice ... foreign larva

I think this “larva” got kicked out of the hive. It was on the ground in front of the hive were all the dead bees are.

What is it? Should I care? What, if any, action should I take?

(All images are of the same single larva)


Looks like a bee larva/pupa. Bees will throw out any larvae which they don’t think are healthy. It doesn’t look like chalk brood. Your hive is going to need as many larvae as possible to make it to maturity at this time of year, so you want to minimize any diseases.

If you haven’t done a varroa mite count (sugar roll or alcohol wash), or treated for varroa, I would definitely get that done ASAP.

Looks like a sac brood infected larva. Full of fluid if you’ve still got it

As this is a one off event I would say that it was in some way defective or possibly the larvae of something else and not a bee. Either way I would not do anything about it and file it under general housecleaning.